While we heard that The Game and Young Thug had put their beef to rest yesterday, most of the news actually came from a third party. Global Gangsters' JoJo Capone played mediator in the official squashing, and supplied most of the information on the negotiations. Meanwhile, Game name-checked Capone, seemingly confirming the end of the feud, but Thugger was strangely silent.

Just now, Thugger posted to Instagram once again, but this time with a much more positive sentiment.

"See the way the world is set up, they want all blacks to kill each other. But we're not. Black Lives Matter. So I salute Game, I respect him. I'm sorry for making that post about him. Even though he was wrong, and he was in the wrong business, and taking up for a nigga who wasn't taking up for themselves. It's all good," he said.

Thug captioned the video with "my bad bro, it's all love".

Update: Game has now responded with his own Instagram clip, applauding Thug for his maturity about the situation, and suggesting that the next step is to dead Thug and Wayne's beef, and ultimately get Wayne and Birdman's issues figured out.

Watch the clips below.