It's tempting to say that it's been a while since we heard from Young Thug, but in reality, he delivered a full studio album in September 2019's So Much Fun. To make things even more interesting, he also promised the release of his new album Punk at some point, though news on that particular project has ground to a halt. In any case, that's not to say that Thugger is taking a complete leave of absence. He's actually be putting in work on the upcoming Slime Language 2, a follow-up to the 2018 YSL compilation project. 

Young Thug

 Albert Urso/Getty Images 

And while the project has been plagued by red herring release dates in the past, only to be delayed in the eleventh hour, it would appear that Young Thug is finally looking to share Slime Language 2 to the world. In a recent video clip from his IG story, Thugger provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the YSL boardroom, during a meeting seemingly focused on the upcoming compilation drop. In the clip, Thug focuses on a white-board while muttering "Black Friday." Upon asking for confirmation as to when it will drop, Thugger appears to receive confirmation that Black Friday is indeed the intended date.

While some fans might be slightly distraught that Thug's next release won't be the long-awaited Punk after all, it should certainly be interesting to see what the YSL label has been up to. And based on what we can make out in this clip, Slime Language 2 may very well be landing on November 27th -- though it has been delayed before. Check out the clip below.