Young Thug has been understood to be many things, a genuinely musical chameleon among them. Amidst the endless labels pinned to the Slime Language 2 rapper, many have noted his meticulous approach in the studio, which has long been regarded as a second home for the Atlanta rapper. Now, it would appear that he's lending his expertise to the recently-released Rowdy Rebel, who touched down from a recent prison stint and has already hit the ground running

Young Thug

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

From the sound of it, his studio session with Thugger went on to produce an absolute banger, which finds Rebel showcasing his ability to dominate an instrumental. On that note, the Wheezy-produced beat (you can hear his iconic tag in the background) finds him picking up where "Hot" left off, bringing some anthemic horns into the mix. Rowdy Rebel takes to it with a melodic flow, taking his time and establishing his presence. "You can not run up and check us, I'm with the Slime, my twin he bleed," raps Rebel. "Twenty-five shooters on deck, got techs and beams." 

Though his voice isn't actually heard on the track, Thugger's presence in the studio seems to indicate that he'll be involved in some capacity. Many can already picture Thug putting in work over the instrumental, and the stylistic contrast between himself and Rowdy Rebel would certainly be interesting to hear. The only question is -- on which project is this one set to land? YSL's Slime Language 2, Young Thug's Punkor Rebel's own forthcoming tape?