If you're a hip-hop fan, this past week has been pretty incredible when it comes to announcements. It all started with Kanye Westwho promised us that DONDA would be dropping on Friday. While Kanye ended up going back on that promise, he still delivered his live stream even in Atlanta which had Ye stans over the moon about his new body of work. Meanwhile, Travis Scott announced a new song called "Escape Plan" which he ended up performing at Rolling Loud last night.

In the midst of all of this, fans had been waiting for an announcement from Young Thug, who has been teasing his album PUNK for a long time. The hip-hop industry has been curious about this project, especially considering Young Thug has never shied away from experimenting with his voice and his music.

Young Thug

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

On Saturday night at Rolling Loud, Thug fans finally got some good news as the artist announced that the album was, indeed, coming soon. In fact, Young Thug celebrated this news by performing a brand new song from the album called "Tik-Tok." 

In the video clips below, you can see both the song and the announcement, which were met with some massive ovations from the fans. As for the song itself, there seems to be an upbeat feel to it and it is most certainly a song that works well in a concert setting.

Fans will still have to wait for the studio version of the song, although for now, the live snippet will do. You can see what people had to say about the song, in the tweets below.