As Wyclef Jean once said: "Jeffery, be easy." Yet Young Thug, known in some intimate circles as "SEX!!," remains incensed. After all, it's hard to forget the backlash he once received upon revealing the cover his acclaimed Jeffery album. It's hard to forget the image itself. At once regal and striking, Young Thug found himself donning a lavish lavender gown, framed against a white backdrop. Though the Jeffery album cover was largely well received by those of a keen eye, many couldn't help but fixate on Thugger's chosen outfit. Short of the occasional Eminem video, it's generally uncommon to see men wearing traditional female attire. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fast forward to the 2019 Academy Awards, where Tony Award winner Billy Porter hit the red carpet in a veritable gown. The fashion decision sparked the usual fallout on social media, which is to say, a chorus of endless chatter. Some respected the bold foray into androgynous territory, while others felt that some lines were better left uncrossed. It didn't take long for Young Thug to weigh in on Instagram, where he proceeded to take a stance of his own. "Now if y’all don’t do this n***a how y’all did me I know some," he writes, letting his sentence hang unfinished.

Reading between the lines, it seems as if Thug is a tad frustrated, even though many came to appreciate the Jeffery album cover for what it was. As for Billy Porter, he appears content with his chosen attire. Rather than venting on IG, should Young Thug not use this opportunity to look for a potential "dress wave" ally?