Freestyling has been deemed by some purists to be a lost art. Of course, such a narrative is not altogether true. Many artists, including Elite-tier rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, have taken an off-the-dome approach to the mic, at least insofar as song-creation is concerned. For them, a verse is built around foundational flows and bars, respectively. Artists like Eminem have come to incorporate freestyling into their image, from the seminal 8 Mile to the recent battle-rap extravaganza he put forth into the world. And that's not even factoring in the myriad battle rappers who continuously make moves in their local scenes. 

Clearly, the genre remains thriving, though perhaps as a more niche artform. Yet Juice WLRD, veritable mainstream star that he is, has earned acclaim for his ability to freestyle off the dome for extended periods of time. Sometimes, up to an hour. Such a talent has officially yielded him an endorsement from Young Thug, who took to Instagram to declare Juice WRLD the "best freestyler in the world."  

"Don't nobody freestyle better than Juice Wrld," Thugger says, addressing his followers. "Nobody in the world. That's on God." Clearly, Thug must have heard something particularly impressive, or merely felt compelled to spread some positive reinforcement. Either way, it's lofty praise, especially coming from a talent like Thug. You agree with his assessment?