Call Of Duty just released an epic new live-action trailer for Warzone, starring some of the hottest names in the music and entertainment industries. 

The trailer starts off with Young Thug jumping out of a skyscraper's window, grabbing hold of his ally's helicopter for safety. Of course, Gunna is flying the chopper, welcoming his Slime Brother onboard. "Slatt," says Gunna. "Long time no see, my brother," responds Thugger as they fly away from danger. As Gunna navigates them through the warzone, Thug controls a massive automatic gun, firing off dozens of rounds at his enemies before detonating a bomb in the skyscraper. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Then, we cut away to another helicopter, where Jack Harlow and Druski are trying to come out on top. They bring their ridiculous shenanigans to this trailer, showcasing strong on-screen chemistry once again as fans beg them to sign onto a buddy cop comedy film. They crash the chopper and find safety via their parachutes, but their opps catch up to them and shoot them down. 

Other stars, including rappers Saweetie, Swae Lee, and AJ Tracey make appearances in the trailer as well. They're accompanied by a wider cast, featuring Dennis Schöder, Mookie Betts, and more.

Watch the star-studded epic trailer below and let us know if you're psyched to check out this game.