One of the most important things to Young Thug is his family. He has made that abundantly clear with the way he has navigated the music industry, rising to the top of the ranks and bringing his entire team with him. His record label Young Stoner Life is comprised of a dozen artists and many of which share a familial connection to the Slime God. HiDoraah and Dolly White are his sisters. Karlae is his on-again-off-again girlfriend. And Unfoonk is his older brother.

Unfoonk is one of the latest additions to the Young Stoner Life roster, popping up on a few songs from Slime Language 2. He has a stand-out appearance on the album on the song "Real," which is by far one of the catchiest records. Unfoonk seems to have a pretty special future in music, but his life wasn't always trending in this direction.

During a recent interview with Atlanta radio host B High, Unfoonk spoke about how he spent eleven years of a life sentence in prison before getting out, which his younger brother helped to reverse. "What the hell I done did?" said Unfoonk, responding to how he felt when he was behind the walls while his brother was reaching all sorts of new heights. "I know I ain't trip out like that. I get a call one day 'cause I had a phone, [Thug] called me like, 'Ay, Brian is still your lawyer.' I'm like, 'Okay.' And that's the top lawyer there is right there. He's like, 'That's your lawyer. You're coming home. I'm telling you you're coming home.' That was in 2017. I talked to Brian and he was like, 'You'll be home in two years.' I came home exactly two years [after that]. I had a whole life sentence but I did eleven [years] and got out."

Unfoonk has a pretty remarkable story and we're excited to hear him expand on it in the coming months. Swipe below to hear him talk about how Thug helped him get out of prison. Do you think Unfoonk is the next star from Young Stoner Life Records?