One thing is for certain: Young Thug loves his fans. During his Lollapalooza set over the summer, Thugger made headlines after he spotted a wheelchair-bound fan in the crowd. The 14-year-old named Steven may have needed assistance getting around, but he was out in the general admission area with everyone else, singing along with the thousands of other Young Thug fans. The rapper told the teen that he admired him for knowing all of the lyrics, and after learning that they'd driven a distance to see him, Thugger invited both Steven and his mother backstage for a meet-and-greet session.

The rapper once again showed just how much he loves those who support him at a recent concert where he shared the stage with a fan. Not only did Young Thug let the young man on stage, but he made sure to hand him a microphone so they could perform Thugger's Travis Scott collaboration "Pick Up the Phone."

"Never will I cheat on you / Never will I commit treason / Blowin' a bag on you / Do all of that for no reason / Imma pull up MR2 / Hittin' the block and I'm bleedin' / Throwing that Rollie on you / I like the way it be freezin'," they rapped. The clip was shared by YSL Records with the caption, "PURE." Watch it below.