Young Thug joined Travis Scott's legion of fans in tapping their collective feet impatiently. The wait for Astroworld has been viewed by many arduous and painstaking. By the looks of it, fans were happy with his output as Cactus Jack opposite Quavo's Huncho, and by happy I'm not inferring they were overly impressed either. As with other artist playing safe, the longer the buildup to an album, the greater the expectations. Astroworld is a projected title on that level of hype, so much so that fans have resorted to circulating fake tracklists in order to arouse suspicion.

Young Thug's outcry of "I Miss Travis" is no doubt more personally identifiable, but I suspect more so than anything else, he is referring the long wait over Astroworld. Mix maestro Mike Dean dropped the most recent clue towards the album's development on Instagram, posting a photo of his studio care-package alongside a caption that read: MIXMODE.

Before you scream "fake news" consider this: Mike Dean has hinted at the album in various stages of its development, so to deduce Astroworld as a front-runner for his attention, is the smartest bet on the table. If you feel that hope has run dry, maybe this picture of Stevie Wonder blessing the trap will brighten your day.