The death of Nipsey Hussle continues to profoundly impact friends, family as well as the Hip Hop community. It has officially been a month since the rapper passed and it still does not feel right. Several artists have spoken out since the late rapper's death including LA-comrades YG and The Game. Most recently, actress Lauren London shared a video post which compiled precious moments shared with her lost love. The community continues to shed tears for Nip. As such while some have vocalized their pain out loud, others have gotten tattoos. In the case of Young Thug, music speaks for itself. 

In a recent post shared via his Instagram account, Thug previewed a new track which amply mentions Nipsey Hussle. Precisely, the rapper mentions his reaction to the gruesome murder which was captured by a security camera. Thug first goes onto detailing the murder and how Nipsey was shot twice. We then hear his reflection on the scene and ensuing reaction as he voices "oh my god, oh my god." Despite the shared post, we cannot confirm as of yet whether the track will drop soon or will be part of a bigger project, however, the preview tells it all. The caption tied to the post reads: "I love u twin."

Rest in peace, Nipsey.