The past week has been a tumultuous one for Young Thug fans. First, he announced an album coming out in "2 Days" almost a week ago which has yet to release). Then, at the two day mark, he wiped his Instagram and posted a photo announcing the fact that his new album would feature Elton John, 6lack, Jaden Smith and T-Shyne, but didn't release an album. The next day, he turned himself into jail. While incarcerated, Thugger's engineer Alex Tumay tweeted that Thug "turned in mixes before he turned himself in so I could make sure he was happy with it," clarifying the delays by saying that "clearances take time." The next day Jeffrey was already out of jail, thanks to the lawyer he shares with Offset

Which brings us to the present, where Young Thug has posted a photo on Instagram of his on-and-off girlfriend Karlae (who appears on Slime Language and was the inspiration behind No, My Name Is Jeffery) eating a stack of bills, with more spilling out the top of her yellow leather jacket. Aside from an update (or not) on the relationship status of Mr. Williams, this post guarantees that he's out of jail and still not releaising On The Rvn. Where is the album??