It goes without saying that the ad-lib is an integral piece of the hip-hop puzzle, with some artists having absolutely perfected the art form. In fact, some artists have gone so far as to develop signature ad-libs, which have in some cases become more memorable than the bars. While that's not exactly the case for modern rap legend Young Thug, it's clear that the versatile YSL artist has mastered the ad-lib down to a science, a fact confirmed by a telling-behind the scenes video from a recent studio session.

Young Thug

 Andrew Chin/Getty Images

In the clip, shared by Our Generation Music, Thugger can be seen chiming in with a helpful suggestion, one that further validates his position as the ad-lib king. "If you give me one of your songs, a full song," he begins, standing up to address the room. "A full song. If I put ad-libs on the song, I'ma put ad-libs where you--you wouldn't know it should have been ad-libs there, but it sounds so perfect."

Clearly, Thugger understands that his mind works in mysterious ways -- ways that just so happen to understand the science of ad-lib placement more effectively than most. To confirm that Thug isn't simply all-talk, Zoey Dollaz slid through to share some first-hand experience. "Crazy cus I got a song I was recording he walked in the studio and said let me do ur Adlibs," explains Dollaz. "Ni*ga sat down recorded himself and did the adlibs on there." It would seem that Thug not only wants to do them, but needs to. And why wouldn't he? When one has a gift, one tends to enjoy using it whenever the occasion demands it.

Does Young Thug have the best ad-libs in the game?