Young Thug has once again decided to revert to his reptilian ways. While some have already speculated that the man was indeed a lizard-person, Thugger has added fuel to the speculative fire with his brilliant tracklist reveal. XXL reports that Thug hit them with a gift unlike any other, sending the offices an actual snake, delivered courtesy of two trained reptile handlers. Not only did the publication receive an exotic present, but the new pet also came equipped with the tracklist for Thug's upcoming Slime Language. 

Cut from a similar cloth as the iconic Jeffery, it would appear that Thugger has once again named his songs after those he values; in this case, there's a likely chance he named his offerings after their appropriate featured artists:

1. "Gunna"
2. "Lil Duke"
3. "Hidoraah"
4. "Dolly"
5. "Lil Keed"
6. "Lil Uzi Vert"
7. "Tracy T"
8. "Jacquees"
9. "Strick"
10. "Nechie"

While interesting in theory, some might call the gift somewhat of a "white elephant." For those unawares, a "white elephant" stems from ancient times, when a sacred "white elephant" was among the rarest and most valuable gifts one can receive. Unfortunately, the beast is considered to be so high maintenance that one must dedicate all time and money to maintaining its upkeep. Beautiful, to be sure, but which of the XXL staff writers are looking to step up for cricket duty?