If you're focused on moving up and moving on, Young Thug doesn't believe that you should be concerned with the opinions of others. The Georgia artist is one of the leading forces in the Rap game and due to his success, all of his loved ones are cared for financially. The rapper makes sure that everyone on his team is taken care of, and in a video, Thugger explained why he doesn't pay attention to what anyone says or does because he's way too blessed to be stressed.

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"One year ago my brother had a life sentence plus twelve years. You think I give a damn about what a n*gga or a pussy ass b*tch think? I made it," said the rapper. "I did it. I'm gon' live life to the fullest." He added, "I got a brother that can't hear. He's deaf. His name is Greg. In about two weeks he go to surgery. He gon' be able to hear. You think I give a damn, my dear?"

"Just about nine or eleven months ago, my mom had cancer 'til God answered. It's gone, kids. She's legit," he continued, stating that he doesn't care about having friends. "This is just for all the young entrepreneurs that's taking care of business but still worried about how a motherf*cka look at them and how they're viewed. Sometimes, I have to come to my senses like bruh, all my people's straight, bruh. My whole family is straight. All my homies, all my twins, they straight. Everybody who I really love is really straight. They don't want for anything. I could care less what a n*gga or a b*tch think."

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