When Young Thug’s 3rd mixtape of 2016 dropped, people went bonkers on social media over the cover’s artwork. Thugger has never been one to care about people’s opinion of him, so it isn’t surprising to see the Atlanta rapper doubling down on the Jeffery album cover in a collection of merchandise inspired by the album.

The collection has something for everyone. Beyond the standard t-shirts and sweatshirts, there’s an ashtray, a zippo lighter, a dad hat and even rolling papers. The color scheme is clearly inspired by the dress worn by Young Thug on the Jeffery cover, and the cover image appears on a number of the pieces. Some of the designs play into the outfit’s Raiden comparisons, with lightning bolts coming from Young Thug’s hands. Another graphic makes reference to the viral marketing stunt which had the rapper trotting around downtown Atlanta on a horse.

Head over to Young Thug’s online merch store to grab any of the items you see above. Prices range from $12 to $60. Which are y’all eyeing?