Young Thug and YSL's new album, Slime Language, has two main visual motifs: snakes and sign language. The sign language, which started as a tribute to Thug's "deaf brother" in the "Anybody" video, has become a go-to for Jefferey and YSL: the cover of Slime Language is a diagram of "young stoner life" spelled out in American Sign.

Snake emojis have been a mainstay on Thug's Instagram captions for a minute and Super Slimey had a snake crawling out of a skull on its cover, but he took it to a new level when he sent live snakes to music publications to promote Slime Language: 

It's all come full circle with the "visualizers" for every track on the album. Each video features ASL and the snake equivalent of cool background music. The serpents crawl over boxes, chains and other snakes; one of them, in the video for Scoliosis, actually eats a live mouse, which seems illegal but looks very cool. 

Every song on the album has a "visualizer," watch them all here and "Scoliosis" below: