There have been many rock musicians who have counted themselves as influences on hip-hop music and culture in a general sense, however there's few that approach the status that Travis Barker has attained in the eyes of many rappers around the world. The man behind the kit for legendary punk outfit blink-182, Barker is known for his incredible speed and dexterity while playing complex beat patterns in many of his songs. In fact, he's brought that unique sound to well-known rap tracks from time to time, as seen below in his cover of Soulja Boy's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)."

As it turns out, the drummer recently attended the concert of another well-respected musical entity, Young Thug. The Atlanta native is one of the hottest artists in the hip-hop game right now and, when he heard that his show had attracted that kind of celebrity interest, let's just say there was a most positive reaction that followed.

Taking to his personal Twitter account, Thugger said "thank u god" after explaining that Barker had been in the crowd during his set. There's no telling if the two met backstage either before or after the show (no pictures have been made available by either artist on social media as of yet), but it's clear that Young Thug knew he was in the crowd and presumably gave the percussionist quite the experience. This is coming on the heels of Barker's recent appearance at ComplexCon, the music and industry event that has attracted all kinds of A-List names to the Long Beach area of California. He's linked up with the likes of Pharrell and even performed with Ronny J, providing a great rhythm section for what was a fire live set.

Do you think Young Thug and Travis Barker should work together on a record? If so, should Barker bring along the rest of blink-182 as well? Sound off in the comments.