Young Thug is fresh off of the release of his debut album, So Much Fun but before he even released it, he was getting ready to release its follow up. The rapper announced his new project, Punk, which is set to be more "lyrical" than previous projects. He also dove a bit deeper into the meaning of the project's title. "[Punk] means brave, not self centered, conscious. Very, very neglected, very misunderstood. Very patient, very authentic," he said.

Rolling Stone just published an interview they did with Young Thug where he dives deeper into the concept behind Punk, especially in comparison to So Much Fun. "So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes. The name of the album is directly what it means," he explained. "The difference from that and Punk is Punk is me letting them in on my real life. Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ‘em."

But the album itself, he said, can be compared to Tupac in a way. Not stylistically but because of the purity and honesty that he intends to deliver on this project. "It’s more like Tupac," he said about the project. "I had conversations with Jay-Z and he told me, ‘We gotta learn how to continue what Pac had going. Pac was a teacher. Pac teaches.’ This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal."

Now, this might mean we're entering a new era of Thugger but it appears that he's simply readying himself for global stardom now that So Much Fun is out. " You know I’m going to put this album out Punk, and it’s going to let them know a little about my life, let them know a little bit about life itself. I don’t think I want to make them to understand. I like to say that I’m misunderstood. It keeps it tense. It keeps it perfect," he concluded.