It looks like Young Thug was in the studio last night cooking up some new music. After his show in Tampa, Florida last night, Thugger took to his IG story to tease some new music while in the studio.

Unfortunately there’s no information about the song, like what's it called or when we might expect to hear it, if ever, but it does sound pretty hot from what we can hear. Over some flute-driven production, which maybe could be from Metro Boomin’, Thugger references San Fran, and croons the melody. It’s a little tough to make out the exact lyrics so I’ll leave that up for you to decipher.

Despite coming off the release of his latest album So Much Fun, Thugger is already teasing a new project titled Punk, which he says will be embraced globally and be coming before the years end.  "It’s most definitely touching music,” Thug said about the album. "It’s music that the world is going to embrace.” Who knows if this preview is from this album or not, but we’ll keep you posted.

Check out the preview (below) and let us know what you think.

In other news, Thugger is currently out on the road with MGK for his Justin Bieber BIG Tour. If interested in seeing him live, peep tour dates for that right here.