Jeffrey Lamar Williams, Young Thug, Thugger, Jeffrey, SEX. Whatever you call him, he has just teased a new song in collaboration with Duct Tape Entertainment . In the Instagram video, Thug looks stylish as ever in a knitted Balenciaga soccer jersey, matching knitted beanie and his signature rose-coloured glasses. He even through spiced his look with a Nelly homage in the form of a band-aid on his chin. 

The song, which has a bouncy west-coast beat and, from what it's possible to hear, some classic left-field Thugger lyrics like "couple fake n***as ride where they plantin' them seeds at, and get chased by the cops where they sellin' that weed at." Hopefully the song will release soon and Jeffrey can "fuck shit up in this lil town," as he says in his Instagram post. 

Only a week ago, more Young Thug music released. Although it was in no way official, it was still big. The leak included features from Gunna, Migos and Lil Yachty and some all-time great Thug verses like the one on "For The Sake Of My Kids" (that "iou" wordplay in the hook!). Here's to hoping we will one day get to hear Slime LanguageThe sooner the better.