Call it a real friend, call it a sugar daddy, call it whatever you deem fit. Either way, the generosity of "Sex" clearly knows no bounds. Should one find themselves lucky enough to be the recipient of a Young Thug sponsored shopping spree, one might find themselves owning a year's worth of new clothes. Moderate spending is not a concept with which Thug is familiar. The man has money and seems more than willing to line the pockets of numerous designers. Fashion is no mere game to these men. 

Yesterday, Thugger posted up a lighthearted image of himself, showcasing the fruits of his labors. And, in a true act of selflessness, the splurge was dedicated to his homie Lil Uzi Vert. From the look of it, the pair of receipts are cartoonishly long. "Shopping for @liluzivert," writes Thug, the ultimate friend. After all, the pair recently collaborated on Thug's surprise Hear No Evil EP, linking up for the Southside produced "Up." Clearly, a chemistry has formed going beyond the studio walls. 

To be fair, there's no real clue as to what prompted Thugger to buy a wardrobe for the Philadelphia rapper. Perhaps he simply felt Uzi was lacking in the fabrics department. Either way, he probably spent more on clothes than most spend on food in a month. The bromance is clearly blossoming. Who are we to meddle?