Hilarity typically ensues whenever Young Thug gets on Instagram Live with his girlfriend Jerikka Karlae. The two have been together for years and are pretty comprehensive when it comes to each other's habits. Most recently, the two got on Instagram Live where Jerikka called out her boyfriend for his habits in the bedroom.

The conversation began with Karlae asking Thug what she should talk about on her next YouTube video which led the rapper to troll his girlfriend about the possibilities of a coronavirus cure. "They got a vaccine for it. For corona. It gets rid of that shit in 16 minutes," Thug joked before suggesting that Karlae has coronavirus. "I think you got corona, baby, 'cause you scratch yourself when you sleep," Thugger added before Jerikka completely flamed him for his sleeping habits.

"Listen, have you heard yourself snore?" She asked. "No, for real. You don't even breathe," she added before imitating him.

Elsewhere during their session, Karlae put Thug on blast over his toes being "so long."

"You got pretty feet but Jeff, your toes so long, bro," she said. 

"That's cap," he replied. Jerikka then told Thug to expose his toes for the world before doubling down.

"Jeff, your toes so long, bro," she added, though Thug clarified his feet are only ashy because he just got out of the shower.