This week has been monumental for hip-hop, seeing releases from some of music's heavy hitters. Of course, Tha Carter V has been a major topic of conversation but Young Thug's new project, On The Rvn, also received a good amount of praise, which was well-deserved. The EP is one of the best bodies of work that Thugger has released to date and one of the highlight songs, "High" with Elton John, is probably the most uplifting rap song of the entire year. Will Smith recently celebrated his 50th birthday by jumping out of a helicopter, bungee-jumping into the Grand Canyon. We're not sure who discovered this originally but, for some reason, when his jump is paired with audio of Thug's On The Rvn outro, things line up pretty perfectly.

Jeffery is trying to get the legendary actor's attention, tagging him and crossing his fingers that he ends up reposting the footage. Thug posted a video on Instagram, showing Smith's jumping experience and dubbing "High" on top of the original track. Things are synced really well too as you can tell that a sound editor put a decent amount of effort into the edit.

The video follows the entire inspirational vibe that we get from the closing song so it makes total sense why they would sound good together. Will Smith is yet to repost the footage. We're pretty curious to see what he thinks of the edit.