Young Thug's new mixtape, No, My Name Is Jeffery, arrived on Friday, complete with a tracklist inspired by Young Thug's idols. Among the titles were "RiRi," "Guwop," "Future Swag," "Webbie," and strangely, "Harambe," but one collaboration with Wyclef Jean, "Pop Man," remained an outlier on the project.

In previous incarnations, the song had been titled "Elton" and "John," but has now been renamed "Kanye West" on the Apple Music version of the album, changed from its initial release. It now matches the tracklist Thug posted on Instagram, which also listed the song as "Kanye West," causing some confusion over what the proper title of the track, which now seems to be cleared up. Now if we can only get "Harambe" switched to "Weezy."

As of publication, the title not yet been changed on the Spotify stream of the album. Check out the official tracklist below.

UPDATE: The title of the project is now simply JEFFERY on Apple Music, and the previously missing Travis Scott verse has been added to "Floyd Mayweather."