It's obvious at this point that Young Thug is rap's most eccentric character. He sounds like no one else, flows like no one else, and dresses like no one else. But the allure of Thug's weirdness isn't simply that he's different. It's that he's creating a world that's impossible to resist. Every one of his quirks makes up the alien being that is Young Thug. And it's becoming more apparent that every one of his new turns of phrase, or strange outfits, isn't created for the sake of being contrarian; rather, they're an extension of his wild imagination. 

And his imagination is most fully displayed through his videos. There are many game-changing young rappers who don't have the same charisma on camera that they do in the booth, continuing to release the same boring videos of themselves turning up in their neighborhoods. Thug is not one of them. His videos always serve as a proper visual counterpart to the singular energy he brings to his music. 

Here are his weirdest videos and the quirkiest, most memorable moments from those videos, along with a selection of GIFs to match. Shout out to Be El Be, Thug's go-to video director, who helped create 4 of 5 of these videos, and Cam Kirk, who directed the other. 

After going through the list, get ready for Thug's next video, Slime Season's "Power," which drops tonight (Sept. 28) at 5:55 PM. We know that one will feature Thug and London on da Track seated in back to back, ceiling-high thrones, as well as a through-the-legs dunk by #AirThugger. It's gonna be good.