Parents can get pretty crazy at youth sporting events and to this day, nobody can figure out why this is the case. What we do know though, is that many parents think their kids are the best athletes in the world, even if they're playing in low rec league divisions that are supposed to be fun and not all that serious. When parents start to get in disagreements regarding their kids, it can turn sour pretty quickly and that's exactly what happened at a youth baseball game in Lakewood, Colorado over the weekend. 

The game was played amongst seven-year-olds at the Westgate Elementary School when all of a sudden, parents rushed the field and started an all-out brawl where multiple punches were thrown. In the video obtained by TMZ, you can see one man in a white shirt and teal shorts, knocking out another man with a huge blow to the head.

The Lakewood Police Dept. was called to the scene where multiple people ended up being cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public. Police have confirmed that some people were injured in the fight and that one of those injuries is serious.

If there is one lesson to be learned here it's that maybe we shouldn't be taking youth sports so seriously. It's really not worth fighting over.