The latest season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has found new blood now that artists like Omeretta, Cuban Doll, and Yung Baby Tate have joined the cast. Fans were surprised to see Guapdad 4000 also make an appearance as Tate's love interest, but there was a bit of backlash after he was seen setting the record straight on their relationship. 

In a clip that went viral, Guapdad tells Yung Baby Tate that he thinks she's a great person, loves talking to her, and enjoys having sex with her, but he believes that should be the extent of things. Online, people were condemning Guap for gaslighting Tate, but he retweeted a fan who said they saw his perspective and accused Tate of trying to intensify the romance "when the cameras came around."

Yung Baby Tate didn't appreciate the retweet and called him out. "Lmfaooooo this n*gga had the nerve to just call me to say he don't want no negativity... sweetheart all the negativity could have been squashed MONTHS ago & u chose to keep it there. So we gone keep it there B*TCH... You wanted the negativity to be gone you could have responded to these messages." Tate posted several screenshots of lengthy messages she previously sent to Guapdad. In them, she apologized for putting him in the situation and told him that she knows he isn't a bad person.

"You chose to ignore them, continue acting like an asshole TO THIS DAY, then call me on your birthday like this sh*t is sweet. Boy, f*ck you!" She added, "I literally had a conversation with I before we shot that last scene where I said I was happy with the place we were finally getting to & you agreed. Then got on camera & played me to the left. Don't do this. Cuz I'm not tryna argue with you. Happy 30th."

Before signing off, she called Guapdad a "f*cking clown." Swipe below to check it all out.