Not only is Yung Bans resentful of his manager for speaking out of turn, he is trying his best to escalate his feud with Russ. During the melee, the media skirmish that ensued after news broke out that Russ' crew beat up one of Bans and Smokepurpp, management on each side dealt with the repercussions in very different ways.

Smokepurpp's team seemed intrigued by the potential of "beef," but Yung Bans' reps took the approach of reconciliation, without his consent we're led to believe. It appears that Yung Bans is very much "here for the smoke" when it comes to "rich heir Russ," and he has a few backers to prove it. 

Bans further escalated the beef by suggesting "we (he and Russ) wit the shit off and on the internet no cap," regardless of what his manager wrote days before. Bans described his manager's intervention as a "hack." He allegedly had to contact Twitter mods to reinstate the old passwords, believe it or not.

Banshas been retweeting any digital magazine who's shown a willingness to report the "hack job." He also found a creative ruse for his next insult. "If trash was a young bitch then Russ would go to jail cuz he’s fucking trash..." he tweeted several hours later.