Yung Bans has enjoyed some success, but legal troubles have held him back from promoting his music to the fullest. In February 2015, the Atlanta rapper was arrested for felony murder charges and burglary at the age of 15. After spending four months in a youth detention center, he was placed under house arrest. He has repeatedly denied culpability for these crimes in interviews, but struggled to beat the case for years. Yesterday, Yung Bans revealed that he has been absolved of his murder charges and taken off house arrest. While he did some touring this year, he was restricted by curfews and accompanied by probation officers. Now, he will no longer have to deal with these constraints while pursuing his rap career or whatever else lies ahead.

The Misunderstood artist shared a video on Instagram that showed him walking out of the court house a free man without any ankle monitor. He wrote in the caption: "I just got off house arrest today and beat my case after 4 years shit crazy Thank you to all my friends, family, & fans everybody who helped me get through it 🖤". 

In a 2017 interview with Complex, when asked what he will do when he finally gets off house arrest, he responded: "The plan is to go as hard as ever cause I know what's it like to almost lose it all. I hit rock bottom, but now it's time for me to take advantage of the opportunities put in front of me and focus on the music." However, his recent Instagram post claimed that he's looking to go to college.