Yung Bans' career looked like it was ready to pop off in 2017 and 2018 but this year, he's been quiet, despite the release of his debut album. Much of it appears to be due to his legal situation. It was reported yesterday that he had officially beat his murder case from 2016 but according to AJC, the rapper's name was brought up during an unrelated Airbnb robbery that occurred in Atlanta.

Bans, legal name Vas Coleman, was brought up during the bond hearing of two women, Lyndsey Kallish, 19, and Lauren Rielly, 20, who are accused of driving two masked men to the Airbnb on Nov 8th to rob seven people. Both women were denied bond in the case, but a lawyer for one of the women made a concerted effort to bring Bans' name up. "An individual by the name of Vas Coleman has also been mentioned in this case,” Drew Findling, lawyer for one of the women said. 

Findling continued to bring up Coleman's name, as well as Maxx Pritchett, a man accused of being one of the masked individuals. He claimed Pritchett and Coleman were suspects in another robbery in 2015 that led one man to jump off a balcony of an apartment unit to evade the robbers. He added, Bans “has a relationship with Rielly and possibly her co-defendant (Kallish).” 

On Yung Bans' alleged involvement, a police spokesperson said, "The investigation is ongoing and they have nothing new to release at this time.”