The world is focused on what went down on Capitol Hill this week but it seems like many members of the rap community have been fixated on YK Osiris' fashion choice. It sparked a debate after Osiris debuted his polarizing custom Gucci jacket. Many got in on the conversation, including Mustard and Meek Mill who denounced Osiris' fit. However, Yung Bleu appeared to be down with the custom designer jacket flethex.

21 Savage, of course, had plenty of things to say when Yung Bleu hit the 'Gram with an orange and brown custom Louis Vuitton jacket styled similarly to Osiris. "Dam my brudda look like a pumpkin," Savage wrote on Instagram before taking the post down completely.

Of course, screenshots do last forever so Bleu did catch wind of Savage's comments. Similar to Osiris, Bleu didn't back down from the jokes being hurled in his direction. In fact, he also had his own questions about 21 Savage's fashion choices in the past, specifically, a pair of black-and-white overalls the "A Lot" rapper wore without a shirt during a festival performance.

"lil chest check board built azz boi. Fuck was your thoughts this day? What in the 101 Dalmatians I like to eat at rally's shit is going on here," Bleu wrote. Savage and Bleu continued to aim at each other over their fits. 21 berated Bleu for a cheetah print shirt and shiny pants, writing, "I'll tell you what I don't get ya cheetah girl t-shirt mufasa lion king power puff girl pants wearing ass," he said.

Bleu then caught a glimpse of Savage's more prim-and-proper look. "U still going? U thought the car was gone save you huh? NOPE! Bisexual hall monitor looking azz. It's the stance for me. We're the money resides."

Needless to say, they both have made their fair share of infractions in the world of fashion. Who do you think dresses better? 21 Savage? Yung Bleu? YK Osiris? Sound off in the comment section.