Yung Joc just can't catch a break in 2020 but perhaps, there's a part of it that is his own fault. Yesterday, Joc set the internet ablaze after trying to push a strange narrative surrounding Moneybagg Yo's relationship with Ari Fletcher and the father of her child, G Herbo. Though Bagg and Herbo never necessarily had a huge public bond prior to Ari Fletcher coming into the picture, the post insinuated that Bagg tried to creep behind Herbo's back to get with Ari Fletcher.

"If you used to rap and now if I call a Uber X and you pull up then stay out of rich folks business," Ari tweeted. She later clarified that there's absolutely no drama or beef between Herb and Moneybagg, despite what Joc suggested. "They spent more time together when Yosohn was getting dropped off at home then they did in that picture. Please mind yo business. God bless you and your bank account." 

Joc then responded, trying to absolve himself of any wrongdoing by claiming that, though he shared it to his account, he didn't actually create the meme.

"Respectfully, I'mma say this. You know, the post that I made today -- I didn't create that post. That's been circulating. It's just when it came to my timeline and really stopped me 'cause it was like, damn. On one end, it really happens," he said before explaining why he used a picture of Fizz and Omarion. "I'm not aimin' to disrespect anyone in the imagery. It was just the imagery that caught my eye, you know what I'm sayin'? On one end, you know with Fizz and O. I mean, we know they have a personal friendship. On one end, that's like whoa but to each their own."

On Bagg and Herbo, he said, "I don't know how well they had a relationship but the depiction of the imagery, it was amazing how it made me assume the same type of situation that's goin' on on top of it. I didn't make the post, you know what I'm sayin'? I just saw it."

The rapper made it clear that he had no beef with Bagg or Herbo and specifically clarified that he meant no disrespect towards Ari. Check his IGTV video below. 

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