Social media platforms are riddled with thirst traps and hunger pens. Considering the imminent end of cuffing season, many selfies are being viewed as a call for validation and attention. In the case of Yung Joc's fitness pics, these assumptions would be wrong.

The rapper clarified the reason for his working out after being showered with negative comments that overshadow the encouragement offered by some of his following. He uploaded a screenshot of his response to TheShadeRoom, who reposted one of his body pics with an underhanded caption. They were hinting at Joc's thirst for likes. The slimmed-down entertainer's comment under the post is enlightening. It starts with thanks.

"What ppl fail to realize is that I'm not doing this for likes. I'm doing this for life!! I'm healthier than I've been in the last 10 years of my life!! Look at the obituaries in the newspaper and you will see ppl dropping due to Heart attacks!! Strokes !! Diabetes!! Cancer!! I'm just showing my progression to being a HEALTHIER ME. FVXK the haters!!"

So that's it. He finna not die, is all. He takes the negative criticism in stride, harnessing that energy to his own benefit like a boss. Keep it up, homie.