Many people who go through frightening experiences don't truly recognize the danger they were in until days later. Once the dust has settled and they're able to reflect on the circumstances at hand, the realities of their situation may come as a shock and make them emotional about their experience. 

That may be what's happening with City Girls rapper Yung Miami who admitted on Instagram that she wasn't doing as well as she made people think. Early Tuesday morning the pregnant mother was in her red G-Wagon and driving away from Circle House Studios in Miami when she was shot at. According to Yung Miami, a car was behind her without their headlights on. Before she knew it, someone opened fire upon her vehicle. The Mercedes truck took multiple hits, but miraculously Yung Miami walked away unhurt. 

Following the incident, the rapper thanked fans for their kind words and prays. However, on Wednesday she made it clear that she realized she was close to losing her life "I keep looking at my pictures & all my mentions like it really could've been R.I.P.," she wrote with a broken heart and sad face emoji. "I'm really not okay!" She also shared a message from Cardi B that said, "God got you! You are destined for greatness PERIOD!"