Yung Miami has been holding it down on the City Girls front while her music partner JT serves out her sentence. The pregnant rapper has been promoting and touring out City Girls' debut studio release Girl Code on her own, but according to Yung Miami—real name Caresha Romeka Brownlee—JT will be home this summer. "I talk to her every day through email," Brownlee told VarietyThe first thing that the hip hop pair plan to do once JT is released from jail is "get drunk!" according to the rap star.

The rapper's boyfriend Southside has worked with artists like Future, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame, but it's not always easy working with your significant other. "One time, I tried to get into the studio. He was so hard on me! He was like, 'Say this part again, do this part!' I just was like 'You know what? I can’t do it,'" she said. "If I want to go in the studio, he’ll give me whatever I want — but I’d just rather not work with him because he’ll go hard on me. I think that’s what I need, but it’s just like, 'Send me the beat, I’ll do my part and get it back to you.'"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

City Girls' most prominent hit aside from their collaboration with Drake is their single "Act Up." The song has sparked the "City Girls Summer" and "Act Up Summer" social media memes, but Brownlee admits that she initially wasn't a fan of the track. "I hated 'Act Up,'" she said. "When me and JT made [Girl Code], that was the song I hated. Now that’s one of our biggest songs." She also explained how she came up with the term "flewed out" which has become its own phenomenon. "I was drunk one day trying to do a drop for show. I ended up saying 'flewed out' and it ended up going viral. Now it’s in the urban dictionary!"