Yung Pinch & GuapDad4000 Talk Smoking Since Primary School In "How To Roll"

Mitch Findlay
March 29, 2018 15:01

Yung Pinch & GuapDad4000 basically came out the womb with joint in hand.

Rolling a Backwoods can prove difficult for those of a less dexterous inclination. If you have ever been called "butterfingers" you've no doubt conveniently plotted your pee breaks to coincide with the rolling sessions. Yet Yung Pinch and the homie GuapDad4000 are cut from a different cloth. The duo recently hit the offices for the latest installment of "How To Roll," where Pinch proceeded to roll-up with near record breaking speed. When asked about his origin story, Pinch admitted to beginning in sixth grade, which is younger than the average stoner.

After sneaking a handful off rolled weed, Pinch reminisced about the ball-trippery.  "I was way too high," he reflects, "I was tripping on mad shit, paranoid, for like a week...Seven days go by, the homie's like 'hit the blunt' at the park, and I hit it twice. I was like 'ah, this shit cool!' I fell in love with it." GuapDad, never one to be outdone, claims his inaugural toke occurred in kindergarten. 

For more from Pinch and Guap, check out the entire installment of "How To Roll A Backwood."

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