Despite people trying to say that Tekashi 6ix9ine's reputation has caused him to move cautiously in the streets, the New York rapper has repeatedly shared footage of himself roaming around without a care in the world. Most recently, 6ix9ine rocked the show at Trillerfest and performed in front of a crowd of 15,000 people, but it was his run-in with Yungeen Ace that became a tit-for-tat online.

During a Livestream, 6ix9ine boasted about his performance and added, "F*ck all that. Yungeen Ace was at my show yesterday," he said. "F*ck all of the things that we talking about. Street rappers were at my show yesterday. If they want the static, I was there. He was at the show. He was backstage, he seen me, everything."

Ace responded by writing on his Instagram Story, "Mannn dis n*gga So Cap bra [laughing emojis] wdf." Now, he's returned to add a few more thoughts about what he claims really happened. "That n*gga was scared as f*ck, man. Them n*ggas say he ain't know me but you seen me in there," Yungeen said with a laugh. "What the f*ck? N*gga be trippin'. These n*ggas be trippin'."

He added, "When I seen this man, this n*gga was in a car. This n*gga rolled past. The only time I seen this guy. This n*gga was in there like this. Chains tucked. Seatbelt on." Watch Yungeen Ace explain his side of the story below.

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