Zac Efron had social media users debating on cultural appropriation when he first debuted his dreadlocks online. A lot of people were annoyed that yet another white celebrity felt comfortable sporting parts of cultures they have no real interest in. Others didn't care to politicize his hairstyle, regardless of whether they thought it looked good or not. Either way, it seems like the actor really couldn't care less about the noise.

The High School Musical sweetheart recently posted pictures of a fishing trip he took with his brother. They, of course, feature the actor sporting his infamous dreads. This time, the matted hair is braided.

He is essentially doubling-down on his belief that there is nothing more to his hairstyle than a simple esthetic preference. Homie legit took his dreaded hair and decided to tame them by braiding them down into cornrows. LOL.

The photos could be used for a corny dating app profile. You know the type with guys holding up a fish proudly as if to say, "I can feed you forever, girl." It's really cute and the wide majority of his fanbase ate it up. Girls seem to really dig his look, showing special appreciation for his newly grown-out beard. Haters are also in the mix, of course. Sound off in the comments.