After a long wait, fans will finally get to take a look at the Synder Cut of Justice League. The long sought after alternate version of Justice League should have been the original film. But pushback from Warner Bros. and the passing of Snyder's daughter during filming led to massive reshoots and a Joss Whedon restructure that messed with the film in several ways. Now, after several petitions and social media hashtags, Warner Bros. has greenlit the Snyder Cut for HBO Max.

Zack Snyder has been sharing little clips from the film, including one of Superman in his black suit. Recently, the director shared another tantalizing piece of information from the film. Fans got a peek at the original concept look for villain Steppenwolf via a social media post from Snyder. The concept art looks much more sinister than what Warner Bros. originally went with, which is welcoming. The studio should have never feared the "dark" look that Snyder brought to the DC Universe. The studio's attempt to "Marvel" up their movies with more humor and lightheartedness did not work well in Justice League. Fans will have to wait until next year to see the final version, although we're sure more Snyder leaks are on the way. Are you excited about the Snyder Cut?