Zack Snyder currently has DC fans waiting on the edge of their seats for the long-anticipated release of the mythical Snyder Cut. After Snyder stepped down from directing 2017's The Justice League due to a myriad of personal and professional issues, the final version of DC's superhero epic left fans disgusted and longing for Snyder's original version, and after four years, its release has finally been confirmed for March 18. However, that's not all that Snyder has in store for fans this spring.

While his superhero flick will be arriving next month on HBO Max, Zack Snyder also has a zombie epic set to premiere on streaming competitor Netflix on Friday, May 21. Titled Army of the Dead, Snyder's next action-packed horror effort arrives 14 years after Snyder and James Gunn's remake of the classic zombie movie Dawn of the Dead, and today, fans got an exclusive new look at the upcoming Netflix film.

Army of the Dead is set to star Huma Qureshi, Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, and Omari Hardwick, among others, and its new trailer shows several characters reacting to Las Vegas being overrun by the walking dead. If you're a fan of zombie-related cinema, check out the trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix film Army of the Dead below.