She's a little ball of sass and her attitude has made her become one of the music industry's leading social media influencers. ZaZa became a viral sensation after Instagram clips of her dancing to popular rap songs circulated online. In less than a year, the four-year-old has amassed 1.6 million Instagram followers and released two rap singles: "What I Do?" and "That's a No-No."

Image Via HNHH

ZaZa isn't out of kindergarten and she's a pint-sized celebrity with a bank account that would make the average person green with envy. Her parents are making sure her moment in the spotlight lasts as long as possible, and it looks as if they're on the right track to keep her rubbing elbows with the rich and famous for many years to come.

The tiny rapper shared a video on Instagram that shows her running around PUMA's Women's Conference, and by the looks of things, ZaZa stole the show. She was able to meet up with Lauren London who was impressed by ZaZa's sassy ways and the little girl even danced alongside DaniLeigh. ZaZa had a great time capturing the attention of everyone who she interacted with, so check out her clip below and watch her enjoy herself while meeting a few famous figures. When you're finished with that, watch our episode of This or That? with ZaZa, as well.