Due to a knee injury, we didn't get to see Zion Williamson play for the first half of last season. Once he healed up, his first few games were electric and fans couldn't believe the athleticism he was displaying out on the court. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus hiatus put a stop to Zion's run, until he was able to come back in the Orlando bubble. While in the bubble, many fans noticed that Williamson looked out of shape and that he needed to lose weight if he wanted to be an effective player.

Well, it seems like Zion worked incredibly hard to get back in shape as it was recently revealed by Brian Windhorst that Williamson has lost upwards of 25 pounds since his time in the bubble. The NBA sophomore is looking to be on the top of his game this season and conditioning has been a huge focus for him.

Zion Williamson

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

“I was told that Zion, and I don’t think they really wanted to publicize where he was physically when he came back to the bubble, but I have heard that it’s in excess of 25 pounds that he’s lost from where he was in the bubble to where he is now. He is not as svelte by any stretch of the imagination, but he definitely is moving better," Windhorst explained.

Coming into this season, the New Orleans Pelicans are expected to take a bit of a leap and if Zion can prove to be an all-star-caliber player, then perhaps this team is playoff bound.