Zion Williamson injured his knee after breaking through his shoe during a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels back on February 20th. It was a big game for Williamson as there were plenty of celebrities in attendance to watch the projected number one overall pick play his best basketball. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as Zion was out just 30 seconds into the game. Since the injury, many have speculated as to what Williamson's next move should be. Some feel as though he should step away from the team and keep himself healthy in light of the draft, while others feel as though he should finish what he started and play in the March Madness tournament.

According to ESPN, Zion is currently in the final stage of his four-step knee recovery process. Despite the good news on the recovery front, Zion still won't be in the lineup for Duke when they take on Wake Forest tonight. Duke is currently sitting at a record of 25-4 and has lost two games since he went down with his injury. The good news is that while nothing is confirmed, there is a chance that Williamson could find himself in the lineup against North Carolina on Saturday.

Stay tuned for updates on Zion's condition throughout the week.