Pelicans young star Zion Williamson has begun practicing with his new teammate Steven Adams and says he is shocked by just how strong he is. 

Zion Williamson, Steven AdamsIcon Sportswire / Getty Images

“I thought I was strong, Seeing it up close, on the same team now, and it’s crazy. Steven is really strong and he’s a great basketball player," Williamson said, Saturday.

Adams was traded to the Pelicans from the Thunder in November as part of the team's rebuilding effort. The move was part of a busy offseason for the NBA which has been condensed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Other big deals included Montrezl Harrell joining the Lakers and John Wall being traded to the Rockets for Russell Westbrook.

Heat star Jimmy Butler has also commented on how immensely strong Adams is in the past: “KAT’s been guarding, you know,” he said in 2018. “But, that motherfucker is strong. I’m serious. He hit me with one screen today and I thought my life was over. Seriously. He’s…pffftttt…I don’t know. He’s like from Krypton or something. Seriously. He’s strong, like, I’m gonna call him in here and let him set a screen on you. I’m trying to tell you.”

The NBA 2020-21 Season is set to begin on Dec. 22, 2020.