Zion Williamson was the most electrifying player in college basketball this season as he was a dominant force for the Duke Blue Devils. Despite not leading the team to a National Championship, Williamson was declared the best player in the NCAA this year and is expected to be the first overall pick in the NBA draft. For now, it's yet to be determined which team will get the first overall pick, although what's for certain is how lucky that team will be to have a player like Zion.

The NBA draft is a few months away but tonight, the NFL draft will go down as college football players across the country will get their shot to achieve their dreams of playing professional football. While Zion isn't a football player, he's certainly big enough to be one which is a fact that isn't lost on New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Edelman hopped on Twitter today and posted a photoshopped image of Zion in a Patriots jersey. The Patriots player joked that with Rob Gronkowski gone, the team could use a big tight end and that Williamson would be perfect for that.

Unfortunately, we'll probably never get to see Williamson on the football field in such a way but it's always fun to think about what could have been.