Zion Williamson has declared for the NBA draft and he will most likely be taken with the first overall pick. Williamson was the best player in college basketball last season and we haven't seen a player as hyped as Zion since LeBron. Whichever team wins the draft lottery and takes him will be very lucky as they'll be drafting an instant star. Even if he isn't a great NBA player right out of the gate, he has the star power that any team could appreciate. 

After finishing last place this season, the New York Knicks have the best odds at winning the lottery and taking Zion with the first overall pick. As ESPN analyst Jay Wiliams told TMZ though, perhaps the Knicks wouldn't be the best team for him.

"I live in New York City, so obviously everybody wants the answer to be New York. But, I don't know if I trust James Dolan enough with that yet," Williams explained. "It would be kind of dope to see him in ATL with Trae Young."

Dolan is the owner of the Knicks and he has been notorious for sabotaging the team for years now. Fans have had enough of Dolan especially with his recent antics where he kicked a fan out of the arena for criticizing him.

Where would you want to see Zion end up?