Zion Williamson is one of the most exciting basketball prospects we have seen in a long time and will be projected to go number one in the NBA Entry Draft later this month. The New Orleans Pelicans own the first overall pick and for now, it seems like they are more than ready to take Zion with their pick. The Duke Blue Devils star has proved his worth out on the basketball court and has even shown off his football skills, launching passes all the way down the field.

According to new footage obtained by TMZ, Williamson hit up a golf course in Los Angeles and decided to take some practice shots out on the driving range. The basketball star whiffed quite a few of his shots and proved to all of us that sometimes, even athletes aren't freaks of nature at every single sport they try. Up until now, Zion looked like an immortal but this showing definitely brought him down to earth.

Leading up to the draft, Zion has made some big moves, including hiring two new agents from CAA who will represent him as he moves on to the next chapter in his career. Once June 20th comes around and he's drafted, we're sure Zion won't have too much interested in golf anymore. Maybe it's for the best.