When guests stop by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, they are more than likely lured into some kind of game. Fallon's games range from hilarious to disgusting, but he always keeps it entertaining. Lenny Kravtiz, daughter Zoe Kravtiz, and Resse Witherspoon all stopped by The Tonight Show, and participated in a lip-syncing battle with an interesting twist. 

The Kravitz family teamed up against Fallon and Witherspoon. While one member of the team sat down wearing noise-canceling headphones, the other teammate lip-synched a song selected at random from a board of cards. In the first round, Fallon made a fool of himself in an attempt to get Witherspoon to guess the song, which was "I Will Survive."

The following round was easily won but Zoe and Lenny, in which the latter performed "Brick House" perfectly. Fallon and Witherspoon redeemed themselves with "Let It Go," for the third round, forcing the game into a tiebreaker. Next, Lenny got the easiest hint of them all after Zoe lip-synched his own hit song "Fly Away," giving them the lead. In the final round, Fallon and Lenny had a showdown moment, where they tried to perform for their teammates at the same time. Somehow, Witherspoon was able to guess "Don't Speak" almost immediately. She must be a Gwen Stefani fan.