You might think that because of her surname, Zoe Kravitz has had it easy. In some ways, you would be correct. The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet has name power to her advantage. Growing up though, she never knew if she was getting callbacks because of her talent or because of her family though and that ate at her inside. She revealed recently that she's suffered with an eating disorder for over a decade and in a new feature with British Vogue, she explained what she's dealt with over the years. 

The thirty-year-old is the cover star of British Vogue and in the new issue, she speaks candidly about her romantic partner Karl Glusman, her insecurities and even her ten-year eating disorder. When she was thirteen, Kravitz developed an eating disorder that would stick around for the next ten years. "I think it came from a lot of things," said the actress. "My mother was so beautiful and so tiny, I always felt clunky around her, and then my dad was always surrounded by supermodels… I was short, and you feel uncomfortable in your skin anyway at that age."

Kravitz also opened up about her insecurities, saying that she was never sure if people liked her for her talent or just for her last name. "When I got into acting school, I never knew if it was because of my audition or my last name," she said. "But I’m slowly learning that no director will hire me because of my surname. The first 10 years of my career have been about proving myself. I now finally feel like I’m in a place where I’m able to say, ‘I deserve this,’ and, ‘I worked really hard.’ I’m getting better."

The complete interview will be published in British Vogue on June 7.